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Spending quiet time with the Lord, through music.

As a child, music was always a part of my life. My siblings and I were raised to play the piano and sing at church, and it was such a part of me that I would find myself continuously singing throughout the day, or tapping out notes on an imaginary keyboard without realizing what I was doing. My heart is full of music and it is a gift I want to give back to the Lord. His will, His word and His blessings on my life are my inspiration, and I will probably have songs of praise and worship coming out of me until the day I see the Lord face to face! It is my sincere desire and prayer for you, that you will use my music to spend quiet time with our Saviour, and that it will be a blessing to you.

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A Gift to Him

A collection of original, Christmas melodies.

I love Christmas! The glow of the lights against the night sky, the smell of pine needles in the cold, and the music... 'A Gift to Him' is a collection of songs from my heart, inspired by the awe and wonder of the gift that God gave this world, when he sent His Son to save us all. The songs in this album resonate deeply within my heart, and I hope and pray they will be a blessing to you as well!

How to Place an Order

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If you would like to make a wholesale purchase of compact discs or song books for your church library or retail location, please contact us for a specified price and shipping cost. If you are an individual and would like to just purchase one or two items for yourself or as a gift, we would be happy to fill that order as well! We can even ship your gift directly to the recipient with a note from you.

All Compact Discs (regular price) are $15 (CAD) each plus shipping. If you would like more information about our sheet music, please click here.

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A Gift to Him
  • A Gift to Him
  • He Came
  • His Present Present
  • Our Peace on Earth
  • Keep Christ in Christmas
  • Why He Came
  • Marys Little Lamb
  • New King
  • Waiting for the Promised One
  • The Only Gift You Need
  • Silent Night
I Am Not Worthy
  • I Am Not Worthy
  • In Your Good Hand
  • Hey, Grandpa
  • God Says, "What Sin?"
  • You Deserve So Much More
  • He's My Saviour
  • Another Day
  • Jesus Christ Stepped In
  • The Pastor
  • Peace at the Foot of the Cross
We Have Joy
  • We Have Joy
  • So I'll Trust Him
  • I'm with Christ
  • You Showed Me
  • Amazed
  • Precious in His Sight
  • Stay with Me
  • When I See the Blood
  • I'll Take Their Place
  • Every Knee

  • Recorded at Faith Music Missions. Sheet Music for this album is now available.

  • Recorded at Faith Music Missions. Sheet Music for this album is now available.